Expect Higher from Your Revenue Cycle

To achieve optimal cash flow in light of the rising demand for care, it’s critical to optimize the billing and revenue cycle.

Reduce Operational Cost

Reduce Errors & Denials

Increase Your Profits

Focus on Your Patients

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle & Practice Management Services

The RCM and practice management solutions assist healthcare practitioners in maximizing the effectiveness, profitability, and productivity of both solo and group practices. Rationale solutions ‘s guarantees accurate medical billing, timely claim processing, frequent payments, few denials, account receivable follow-ups, rapid claim processing, and staff management in order to optimize your profit.

Complete Revenue Cycle Management

Our comprehensive RCM services for healthcare organisations and providers enable smooth and error-free billing from the very beginning up till receiving the payment.

Medical Billing

Because even the smallest error might delay payment, we offer medical billing and coding services to guarantee maximum reimbursements.

AR Management

We offer services for managing accounts receivable that include identifying denied claims, recovering changed claims, cutting down on AR days, and deleting outdated AR.

Billing Audit Services

Our auditing staff works diligently to identify, check for, and fix any inaccurate billing practices in order to verify the accuracy, consistency, and authority of the accounts under our supervision.

Credentialing Services

Our credentialing services enable patients to utilise their insurance benefits for doctor visits. Additionally, since the provider is paid for providing medical services, they need register with financiers.

Eligibility Verification

In order to reduce workload overflow, our eligibility verification acknowledges patient reporting prior to their visit. With the help of our system for confirming patient eligibility, we ensure payments for your medical practises.

EHRs We Work With

To know the latest and advanced features of your EHRs we are experts in the following practice management systems:

Full Spectrum RCM Services for

Billing Audit Services

Our RCM collaborates with a certain doctor or specialist practice to boost the growth rate of profit in a seamless and error-free manner.

Group Practices

To achieve greater income, greater financial stability, Fast Payment processing, and confirmation of appropriate outcomes via schemes, The Rationale Solutions’s RCM works with group practices.


To boost and expedite payments, avoid conflict, stop income leakage, and improve patient participation, we work with various institutions.

Customized RCM Services for Each Specialty

We offer the RCM services for each specialty practice for better concentration on the treatment of patients.

Web Development & Digital Marketing Services for Practices

To compel more patients to learn about them, healthcare professionals need to have a strong internet presence. With accessible websites, our web development services help practises bring in more patients for doctors. Additionally, our SEO specialists enhanced material with the proper keywords to assist you gradually get to the top positions in search results. To enhance your presence on social media, we also provide social media marketing services through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Youtube.

Why Rationale Solutions?

Our highly qualified personnel manages all services swiftly and effectively while putting the client’s needs first. To fulfil the demands of various hospitals and doctors, we are able to collaborate with PMs, EMRs, and EHRs.

Years of Experience

We have 5 years of expertise providing medical services in many US states, including medical billing, RCM, ARM, practice management, billing audits, and other medical services. We can balance your request within an agreed-upon time range.


Our staff members manage claims, deny requests, and accounts receivable while upholding ethical and professional standards when it comes to medical billing. Every client’s needs are met by us in a consistent, open, and honest manner.

24/7 Support

We fight for your standards-based approach. The Medicator places a strong emphasis on saving you time and money so that you may spend more time focusing on patient care.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Dr. Albert

I want to let you know how excellent the services provided by The Rationale Solutions’s staff are. The personnel at The Rationale Solutions has my complete satisfaction since they assist in the prompt and error-free collection of payments.

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To be a part of our system and avail services you will confidently join and contact us with free practice analysis.

With our end-to-end medical billing services, our clients receive maximum reimbursement while reducing overall costs. Our team actively manages your account and does not just monitor it.



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